NHS 10th Grade Career Expo

Time-lapse video by Andrew Kivell (’17) of the Career Expo, Feb. 2016

Thank you to all the participating professionals from nearly 30 local businesses and organizations:

All Flex Flexible Circuits, L.L.C.

Presenter’s Job Description (#1): Program Manager – Responsible for selling our products and working with customers to come up with solutions to their circuit and heater issues. I quote new opportunities and manage customers throughout the life cycle of the product.

Presenter’s Job Description (#2): Production Engineer, supporting tooling setup, processes, and quality for the manufacture of flexible electronic circuits. Application Engineer, working with customers to select circuit materials, and help design mechanical features of circuits.

About the Company: Manufacturer of Electronic Flexible Circuits and Assemblies, Manufacturer of Flexible Heaters. The circuits and heaters are used in Medical, Avionics, Space and Industrial applications.

Carleton College

Presenter’s Job Description (#1): Senior web application developer in Carleton’s Web Services Group, responsible for creating and maintaining web applications used by students, faculty, staff, and the general public.

Presenter’s Job Description (#2): As a Human Resources Generalist with focus in Talent Acquisition, it is my job to manage the recruitment, selection, and on-boarding; and, provide support as needed in the functional areas of human resources, which may include (but is not limited to): employee relations and consultations; policy and guideline development; compensation and benefits; compliance; and general employment law.

About the Company: Carleton College is a residential campus with nearly 2000 students. Best known for its academic excellence and warm, welcoming campus community, Carleton offers 37 majors and 15 concentrations in the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Carleton is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse group of faculty and staff.

Chart, Inc.

Presenter’s Job Description (#1): Designer who works with the design engineering group at Chart. In this role he helps to created detailed drawings and bills of materials for assigned projects scheduled to be completed on the manufacturing floor. He works closely with engineers and senior designers to complete all aspects of the design for the customer.

Presenter’s Job Description (#2): Project engineer for Chart who has a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and mechanics and a master’s degree in manufacturing systems. In this capacity he works closely with the customers to ensure correct design of the product while also ensuring that the design meets all necessary code requirements prior to manufacturing of the product. Occasionally travels to customer locations during the installation and commissioning of new cryogenic systems.

About the Company: Chart Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of standard and custom engineered products and systems for a wide variety of cryogenic and heat transfer applications. Chart has manufacturing and repairs facilities in nine (9) different states as well as China, Germany and the Czech Republic. There are additional offices located worldwide as well. Chart’s New Prague, MN manufacturing campus is a 50+ acre site with over 385,000 square feet of heavy manufacturing space.

Countryside Animal Hospital

Presenter’s Job Description: Veterinarian for 23 years, worked on farm animals and now work on household pets.

About the Company: Veterinary Clinic

Dakota County Technical College

Presenter’s Job Description (#1):  Teacher in the GM ASEP automotive technology program.

Presenter’s Job Description (#2): Teacher in the Collision Repair program at DCTC.

About the Company: Two year technical college offering career training in over 50 program areas. We specialize in high skill, high wage jobs in occupations from accounting to welding.

Dakota County Workforce Services and WorkForce Centers

Presenter’s Job Description: Works with staff and providers to provide top-notch employment programs. Also, director for the 27-member Dakota Scott Workforce Development Board.

About the Company: Dakota County’s workforce services programs and WorkForce Centers work with job seekers to find new employment. Additionally, we work with employers seeking candidates.

Delta Air Lines

Presenter’s Job Description: Airline Pilot. I was a previous military pilot and began flying for Northwest Airlines in 2000 I am currently a First Officer on the Airbus A-330 flying out of New York City to Europe. I also help run the Delta Air Lines New Hire Pilot Mentor program, working with new pilots in their first year of employment.

Federal Aviation Administration

Presenter’s Job Description: As an air traffic controller at Minneapolis Center, which is located in Farmington MN, I make sure that aircraft are separated and get all information needed for a safe flight. This includes weather and airport information. There are three types of controllers Enroute, where I currently work, Terminal which is usually 40 miles around main airports and Tower which is at the airport. During my career I have worked all three places.

FORCE America, Inc.

Presenter’s Job Description: President and CEO

Responsibilities: To lead, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, the development of the Company’s mission and strategy with a view to creating shareholder value. To lead and oversee the implementation of the Company’s short-term and long-term plans in accordance with the strategy.

To ensure the Company is appropriately organized and staffed, has the Leadership and Employee Owners have the necessary resources to achieve the approved strategy; assess the principal risks of the Company and manage as appropriate; review & monitor financial performance. Communicate effectively with Customers, Employee Owners, Government authorities, other stakeholders and the public, and ensure that the Company maintains the highest standards of corporate citizenship and social responsibility in all business endeavors.

About the Company: FORCE America is one of the leading suppliers of motion and control systems in North America. For more than 60 years, FORCE America has provided hydraulic systems and controls to the on and off highway mobile markets.

FORCE America began employee ownership in 1976. The ownership mentality has driven our skilled workforce ever since. Our dedication to customer service is unparalleled in our industry. With a steadfast focus on the customer, we’ve developed innovative products and established deep partnerships with suppliers to fuel FORCE America’s growth.

Frago & Lasswell, P.A.

Presenter’s Job Description: Family law attorney and mediator.

About the Company: Family law

Granite Equity Partners

Presenter’s Job Description: As a co-founder of Granite, our presenter has helped to grow the private investment firm into one of the largest in the Upper Midwest. Art serves on the board of four of Granite’s companies and actively works with their management teams to help them grow.

About the Company: Granite Equity Partners, a Minnesota-based private investment firm, invests in established private companies within a drive time of our offices. The firm currently owns 10 companies in the Upper Midwest, including All Flex in Northfield, MN.

Jennie-O Turkey Store

Laura Baker Services Association

Presenter’s Job Description: Director of Oak Street Services. Supervises the implementation of services for developmentally disabled adults at five group homes located at 211 Oak Street.

About the Company: Laura Baker Services Association is a superior provider of housing, educational and support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our mission is to respect the life choices and dreams of people with developmental disabilities and help them reach their goals. Understanding that the needs of each individual are unique, we empower families to choose from a continuum of care that will support their loved ones in leading fulfilling lives.

Midwest Barbers LLP

Presenter’s Job Description: Responsible for procuring government (military) contracts and providing equipment and personnel necessary to the operation of the barbering service. Also responsible for payroll of employees and payment of expenses related to the business.

About the Company: Company contracts with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service to provide barbering services to soldiers on United States Military Bases throughout the country. Company also owns and manages several civilian barbershops throughout Minnesota, including Bridge Square Barbers in downtown Northfield.

Multek Flexible Circuits

Presenter’s Job Description: As Director of Operations I am responsible for factory operations, process engineering, manufacturing engineering, quality assurance, equipment and infrastructure maintenance, facilities, and environmental health and safety.

About the Company: Multek Flexible Circuits is a global leader in flexible circuit and printed electronic development and manufacturing, offering leading edge flexible circuit technology to meet the stringent requirements of electronic device manufacturers: high volume, cost, quality and reliability.

With over 50 years of flexible circuit experience, Multek is built on the foundation of our Sheldahl® Brand Materials business unit, offering vertical integration to rapidly tailor our laminate and cover film materials to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Multek’s vertical integration and design expertise begins with raw material fabrication, extends through circuit manufacturing, and ends with value-added assembly. Multek’s high volume capability in both materials technology and flexible circuit and printed electronic production, coupled with our component assembly facilities gives our customers a significant cost advantage.

Neuger Communications Group

Presenter’s Job Description: Senior communications counselor, overseeing creative work for a variety of clients. Alongside her colleagues, she has developed numerous successful communications campaigns tailored to client goals. She is a graduate of Northfield High School and Gustavus Adolphus College.

About the Company: Neuger Communications Group is a full-service, strategic communications firm, specializing in marketing and public relations.

We work across multiple industries and help clients with the following: advertising, advocacy, brand development, content strategy and development, crisis communications, data analysis and management, digital and social engagement, graphic design, marketing communications, media relations, strategic planning, web development.

Northfield Community Services

Presenter’s Job Description: Duties of a recreation coordinator include the recruiting, hiring, training and mentoring of athletic, park, adventure and camp program staff, curriculum development, managing facilities, design of new programs, connecting with community members and city staff, attending park board meetings, handling registration, working with independent program contractors, marketing of programs and communication with parents, instructors and students.

Every “Park and Recreation” position throughout the country looks a little bit different from community to community, but it is a very engaging, refreshing and innovative field in which to work and contribute.

About the Company: Northfield Public Schools Community Services offers opportunities for learning and recreation for all ages. Programs are available that help to develop skills, inspire creativity and live healthfully. ECFE and other early childhood programs provide support for parents as their child’s first and foremost teacher. Hand in Hand Preschool and Ventures childcare also work together to prepare and support young students.

Northfield Hospital and Clinics

Presenter’s Job Description (#1): Clinic Director – oversee multiple Family Health Medical Clinics in Northfield and surrounding communities which provide primary and specialty care.

Presenter’s Job Description (#2): Phlebotomist draws and assists the pathologist with surgical specimens.

Presenter’s Job Description (#3): I provide nursing care and education for women in labor, after they deliver, and for their new babies.

About the Company: Hospital, clinics and urgent care services.

Northfield Police Department

Presenter’s Job Description (#1): School Resource Officer, DARE Coordinator, Police Officer. I help to ensure the safety, security and well-being of the citizens of Northfield. I primarily assist with the youth of Northfield.

Presenter’s Job Description (#2): Northfield Police Officer assigned to Patrol Division. Rice County SWAT (Emergency Response Unit). Resolve high-risk tactical situations such as warrant service operations, apprehending violent criminals, hostage situations, search and rescue, crowd control and etc.

Northfield Property Management

Presenter’s Job Description: Currently 16 years as co-owner of Northfield Property Management, 11 years as Facilities Manager of a computer storage manufacturer, 20 years as senior engineer in three high-tech companies, and and 3 years as a the engineering staff of a four year college. Very active in the local community.

About the Company: Northfield Property Management is a small business that is able to support small commercial building owners in areas that the owner may lack the time, skills or priorities. Because we are small and agile, we are able to move quickly in emergencies or to provide routine services over a long term basis.

We maintain an excellent relationship with nearly every service, trade, and contractor in Northfield, we know them and they know us. That relationship means that when we assess a customer’s need and require a service call, they make the call knowing that when they arrive at the building site, they will meet a knowledgeable person with the time and the ability to assure that the service call will be efficient and productive. Furthermore, we provide follow-up with the owner to assure that the service solved the problem.

Northfield Public Schools

Presenter’s Job Description (#1): Newly retired teacher having just completed 40 years with the Northfield Public Schools. I taught for 11 years in a Special Education Resource Room and 29 years in second grade.

Presenter’s Job Description (#2): Director of Technology Services–This position includes planning, implementation, review, and evaluation of technology to facilitate the school district’s educational mission and vision. Tasks vary from supporting innovative practice through ongoing training and idea sharing, to communicating with district staff, families, and students, to responding to technology support needs.

Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic

Presenter’s Job Description: Orthopedic surgeons are physicians who treat patients of all ages suffering from a wide variety of ailments, from broken bones, to ligament and tendon injuries to artificial hips. We specialize in diagnosing, treating and repairing injuries, disorders and diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system. We practice our specialty in hospitals and surgical outpatient centers and see patients in clinics around the region.

About the Company: Our primary goal at the Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic is to provide quality orthopaedic care with a focus on the health and well being of our patients. Our clinical staff is comprised of surgeons, physician assistants, nurses, clinical consultants, therapists and administrators. We work in an integrated environment with locations of service including Northfield, Lakeville, Farmington, Faribault, and Mankato.

Post Consumer Brands

Presenter’s Job Description (#1): Responsible to lead the supply chain processes. This includes management of people, space and materials. This position defines what, when and how products are manufactured.

Presenter’s Job Description (#2): Responsible for driving maintenance processes that are predictive, preventive and planned work practices that maximize mechanical reliability.

Presenter’s Job Description (#3): Responsible for supporting and maintaining food safety practices. This position assures compliance with applicable quality, food safety and regulatory standards.

About the Company: We make it our mission to find better ways to make a better breakfast at a better price™. In 2012, Malt-O-Meal® became MOM Brands®. A simple name change, but one that reflects the company we are now. We were family-owned from 1919 to 2015, and today we are a subsidiary of Post Holdings and know as Post Consumer Brands.

Professional Drive Dental

Presenter’s Job Description: Dental Assistant is my title. I will be presenting about all the careers in the dental field. What education is needed, job desciptions, what licenses are required, etc. Dentist, Hygienist, Dental Assistant, Dental Lab Technician.

Rebound Enterprises

Presenter’s Job Description: Partner in Rebound Enterprises; Responsible for the leadership and management of the business, along growth through with acquisitions.

About the Company: Rebound Enterprises is an investment and management services company. The Company has five verticals in which it spends its capital in time- in hospitality, real estate, manufacturing, financial services / banking and community (giving back its time, talent, treasures and thinking in the communities in which we live and work. In each our verticals we have a business strategy and plan. For example, in hospitality our vision is to create a portfolio of historic boutique inns and distinct properties that provide exceptional guest experience. We own the Archer House in Northfield, among other hotel properties.

River Valley Eye Professionals

Presenter’s Job Description: As an optometrist, I provide primary vision care services to diagnose, treat and manage both vision and ocular health problems.

About the Company: We provide Northfield and its surrounding communities with comprehensive eye and vision care services. Whether you have pink eye, glaucoma or just need new glasses or contact lenses, we are at your service.

Schieck Orthodontics

Presenter’s Job Description (#1): Orthodontic specialist (orthodontist) and business owner.

Presenter’s Job Description (#2): Licensed dental assistant: Assists Dr. Schieck with clinical patient care. Coordinates treatment with patients and establishes strong relationships with patients and families.

About the Company: Schieck Orthodontics is a private-practice clinic which provides specialized orthodontic care to patients of all ages. Our mission is to give each patient a personalized experience, with education, technology and superior customer service at the forefront of all we do! Our team truly cares about our patients and their families, and we work hard every day to ensure quality results in a comfortable and fun environment.

St. Olaf College

Presenter’s Job Description: College or university professors typically teach courses, engage in research, write about their work and seek publication, travel to and present at conferences, advise students, and serve on college and department committees.

About the Company: One of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges, St. Olaf College offers a distinctive education grounded in academic rigor, residential learning, global engagement, and a vibrant Lutheran faith tradition.