Resources for Youth

Looking for a job? An internship? Some other type of career experience? Want some tips to help land that job?

A variety of ways to engage with organizations:


Job and career exploration events designed to provide students a brief introduction to a wide variety of professions and other employment opportunities and career topics.

Students take part in employer-led tours of worksites, and employers share information about requirements of different jobs.

Students make brief worksite visits to spend time with individual workers learning what their jobs entail.

Students are paired with professionals who provide guidance and encouragement on career-related decisions and exploration.

Students develop a business plan, are their own boss, earn money, and run their business under the guidance of an experienced entrepreneur.

Students undertake unpaid work, geared to the public good, integrated with school learning through projects.

Students participate in hands-on work experiences with employers that focus heavily on student learning and are supported by a school coordinator and/or teacher.  Students may earn academic credit.

Students participate in work experiences with employers, supported by a school coordinator.  Students agree to follow a training plan and may take related coursework at school.

The integration of academic instruction and work-based learning. The student commits to one or two years of paid work experience in a specific trade and is registered as a youth apprentice.