More Stories in Archaeology

  1. Physics

    How neutron imaging uncovers hidden secrets of fossils and artifacts

    The technique can complement X-ray scanning and other tools to uncover details of dinosaur fossils, mummies and more.

  2. Archaeology

    Neandertals hunted cave lions at least 48,000 years ago

    A new study reports the first direct evidence of Neandertals slaying the big cats, and the earliest evidence of any hominids killing a large predator.

  3. Archaeology

    Human footprints in New Mexico really may be surprisingly ancient, new dating shows

    Two dating methods find that human tracks in White Sands National Park in New Mexico are roughly 22,000 years old, aligning with a previous estimate.

  4. Archaeology

    Ancient Egyptian jars hint at complex mummification balms

    Residue from ancient jars holding the internal organs of the mummy Senetnay hints at early Egyptian trade routes and complex mummification practices.

  5. Archaeology

    Pre-Inca people stomped salutes to their thunder god on a special dance floor

    Excavation of a drumlike platform in the Andes turned up a structure seemingly designed to absorb shocks and emit resonant sounds when stomped upon.

  6. Archaeology

    A child’s ornate necklace highlights ancient farmers’ social complexity

    The intricate necklace, reconstructed by researchers, was found on the remains of a child buried about 9,000 years ago in a Middle Eastern village.

  7. Archaeology

    The oldest known horseback riding saddle was found in a grave in China

    The well-used saddle, dated to more than 2,400 years ago, displays skilled leather- and needlework. Its placement suggests its owner was on a final ride.

  8. Archaeology

    How an ancient solar flare illuminated the start of the Viking Age

    Improved radiocarbon dating aided by a solar flare in the year 775 sheds light on the early days of Vikings and global trading in medieval times.

  9. Archaeology

    How Asia’s first nomadic empire broke the rules of imperial expansion

    New studies reveal clues to how mobile rulers assembled a multiethnic empire of herders known as the Xiongnu more than 2,000 years ago.